London House of English

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step so take a huge step towards achieving your career and life goals. We are MOE (Ministry of Education) accredited and our best valued courses with flexible learning schedules ensure that you will have an enriching learning experience.

LHE English teachers are qualified and carefully recruited for their teaching experience and creativity in enhancing the students’ learning experience. All courses are supported by quality English supplementary learning materials for a fast track to success.

Thank You, LHE!

  • The excellent teaching skills and the teachers' courteous personality has helped me tremendously through my academic journey at the LONDON HOUSE OF ENGLISH.

    Without their helpfulness and directions, my studies would have been more challenging. I appreciate my teachers for being professional and letting me know what I am doing wrong and along the way I can correct my mistakes. It is comforting to know that whenever I have a question they would answer right away.

    I have learned so much here. I should thank my teachers for being so remarkable and I am very grateful to have them as my teachers. Thank you so much for your kind help!

    Nicole Tan
  • I’m really thankful to the London House of English because of the teachers who are teaching us with patience and also the staff who always give us any help when needed. It was a totally different experience to learn and I like the methodology they apply to learners with low confidence. I can’t perform well in my school especially when it comes to the oral test I always feel very stressful because I feel speaking is very hard for me. Luckily the teachers are very friendly and this gave me more confidence and courage to speak in the class.
    Teoh Goay See
  • Through learning and studying at LHE, I realised how much I can improve my English proficiency. I have teacher Chew to thank for that. She really taught me a lot about the IELTS exam. It was a really fun learning experience here at LHE! I have no regrets coming here for the training course and mock tests.
    Chin Jia Jiet
  • I felt very shy and awkward at the beginning of the class since I did not really know the rest of my course mates. After a few months, I had learned how to take the initiative to interact and communicate with others. I feel very appreciative to the teachers especially when they having interactions with us in a very relaxing way. One and a half hour always is not enough for us to enjoy our learning sessions. I feel so grateful to learn in London House of English!
    Ng Soon Chew
    Marketing Executive
  • Basically, I liked the learning environment in the London House of English. The teachers are friendly and the small group learning helped me a lot in improving my English. The programme I liked the most was the outing for students. It gave me an opportunity to learn English in real life.
    Lai Chin Qing
  • My English teacher has taught me a lot when I was learning English in London House of English. Now I can speak more accurately and I can understand more when I'm listening to English. Her ability to explain is very strong. Usually, I will ask her whenever I don't understand something. Then, she will patiently explain my questions to me one-by-one. I learned quite a lot in my lessons.
    Hu Wen Ying
  • Thanks LHE and Ms Chew for preparing me for the IELTS test. LHE provided experienced and kind teachers and good environment for learning. Ms Chew would pinpoint my weaknesses and tried her best to improve it. Without her guidance, I won’t be able to get 7.5!
    Tan Weiven